Monday, 23 November 2015

Baby its Cold Outside

Watch: Daniel Wellington
Shoes: Call It Spring

The weather has certainly turned cooler. Although its not too cold, I actually prefer this weather, its just perfect!

This is the time of the year where I feel more Christmasy. This is usually the time of the year where the malls and stores are in full blown Christmas decor this is also the time where we are also decorating the house with Christmas lights and trees while listening to Christmas songs. It is indeed the most wonderful time of the year!

I also get to dress up more during this season so I'm surely super happy!

Today's dandy look, I'm wearing a nice and comfy grey blazer with a white printed shirt underneath. I also wore a slim belt to compliment the trousers I'm wearing and finishing off with a classic pair of black leather shoes (Call it Spring)

What I also like about Christmas is Christmas Shopping! If you don't have enough time to find the perfect timeless and classic watch everyone would love, visit Daniel Wellington's site and you'll surely find what you are looking for!

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Always have fun!

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Monday, 16 November 2015

Holiday with Love

Watch: Daniel Wellington
Bag: Burberry

This Festive Season, Daniel Wellington has again partnered with Lo's Closet to give you the one of the best gift for the Holiday Season your loved ones will surely love! 

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Now I know I haven't been too active lately but I'm trying my best to get back at it, recuperate and try get back to my usual blogging schedule.

I'm also having a bit of a challenge to figure out the perfect time for me to do my YouTube videos, but I promise that when I get to finally organize myself, everything will fall into place.

So lets talk about the look. Today I'm wearing a charming and dandy look perfect for those romantic holiday getaway. This season, I'm going to experiment more and try my best to play around with colors and hopefully look a bit more mature than my usual boy-next-door looks.

I'm wearing a red blazer with a pink gingham shirt, a nice pair of trousers and oxford shoes. I'm also bringing along a couple of accessories on this look such as this classic leather satchel (Burberry)

Of course this look would not be complete without this Classic Oxford Daniel Wellington watch with a Rose Gold Frame.

Finally, inside my bag is a hidden treasure. A great travel essential, Ogon Design's Quilted Passport Wallet will keep all your travel documents safe and organized.

Hope you guys liked this look! If you still cant decide what Christmas gift to give to your special loved ones, read my future posts this coming weeks and I got great holiday gift suggestions for the most special men in your life!

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Always have fun!

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Saturday, 24 October 2015


Jacket: Jules
Tank: H&M
Bag: Herschel
Socks: Hitsu Socks

Hey guys!!!! Waaa! The amount of changes that happened to me this week is tremendous! Its is so crazy and I can't wait to tell you all what's going on!


You guys have to wait till my next video on LosUAETraVlog! :D

However! There are a few things I can tell you...

Like the new Lo's Closet layout!!!! Do you guys like it? I thought it's about time I do some changes here as my previous layout was so cluttered and all over the place.

So now everything is more organised and you can just click the category you'd like to see. Because of LosUAETraVlog I have also added a few more categories here in my blog.

I've also sub-categorised my blogposts into three:

I will not only do outfit posts but food and travel posts as well! There will be new blogposts available every Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays (UAE Weekends) and only exclusive and seen first here in Lo's Closet.

Im doing this so I am able to organise my time in terms of filming, photographing and editing and so you guys will visit my blog, read the stories behind camera first and have an introduction first before I post on all my other social media and release a video in my channel. 

Now let's go back to this look! Style Saturday's first look is inspired by the Etihad Towers. If you guys are wondering what the Etihad Tower is, its the hotel where the latest Fast and Furious movie was filmed.

I really liked Etihad Tower's colors during the night. Unfortunately, I was not able to take a photo of the towers at night but if you search for the images of Etihad Towers you'll immediately get why. Its also quite significant as I said there is a very big change currently going on in my life which will be revealed on my next video!

This look is again is channeling Summer to Fall transition, something that is comfortable during the day and comfy in the windy afternoon. I wore a tank (H&M) that blends well together with the hoodie (Jules).

I also brought in a backpack (Hershel) to carry this day's essentials.

To complete the look, I wore jeans, a cool pair of shoes and of course to make this look more fun and creative, I wore an awesome pair of Hitsu Streets Art Series Socks!

Get your own pair of Hitsu Socks now! Click the link below to go directly on their site!

Thank you Hitsu Socks!

I hope you all enjoyed your weekends and do let me know how you like the new layout of Lo's Closet! :D

Always have fun!

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Sunday, 18 October 2015

Welcome to Lo's UAE Travel Vlog!

If you are planning a trip or moving to UAE, you came to the right place! LosUAETraVlog features great places and activities around the country!

My videos will contain 3 segments:

PAUSE: This is the Vlog section where I talk about random things, give information and answer your questions

PLAY: This is the TRAVEL section  where I feature different places, restaurants and activities around the country.

RECORD: This is the LookBook section where I feature 2 to 3 Outfit Posts I featured on my Blog

If you want to know more about my Channel and a peek on what to see on my future videos, I invite you to watch my first YouTube video! (Note that the RECORD section a collection of all the looks I have featured the entire year) and please don't forget to my first video!

If you are interested on knowing more about UAE or Men's Style please subscribe to LosUAETraVlog and follow my weekly adventures! :D

Check out the items featured on this Vlog!:

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Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Keep it Casual

Wallet: Ogön Designs
Shirt: Pull and Bear
Trousers: Topman
Socks: Hitsu Socks
Shoes: New Balance

It has been a while guys! Well as you all know, I have been busy with my current project which will be launched... THIS WEEKEND!!!! Yes people! The moment of truth has finally arrived!

I will be launching my very own Youtube Channel this weekend!!!! I will not give you more information yet until my very first video is released, but don't worry everything will be explained this coming weekend! :D

So this week I'm keeping it casual. Like I said I'd like to look how I would look daily and feature more relatable outfit looks. But of course I will still occasionally feature my usual preppy/dapper looks! :)

This month I am so grateful to collaborate with two amazing brands that I will feature in my blog and my Youtube Channel!

Hitsu Socks is a company based in Totonto Canda that collaborates and supports local artists to design these super cool and uniquely designed socks. A portion of the money received from buying a pair of Hitsu Socks will be given to the artists who designed the socks.

As a self proclaimed amateur artist I really appreciate the fact that Hitsu Socks is acknowledging the skills of these artists. It makes me feel that there are still a company out there that celebrates creativity and help inspire artists and motivate them by selling their designs.

The collection I got is the Street Art Series. Its has this graffiti wall kind of vibe with vibrant, fun and energetic colors which just suits my personality perfectly!

Next brand is Ogön Designs. This company sells aluminium designed wallets that are durable, waterproof and can even protect your credit cards from scanning credit card thieves! How awesome and innovative is that?!

Ogön designs doesnt just sell wallets, they also sell card holders, coin holders, passport holders, and clutches for the ladies.

I really like the modern and functional design especially the quilted collection. It looks very chic and classic yet still maintains all the outstanding features of an Ogön Designs wallet.

Now about the look. Today since Autumn is on its way, I am wearing a slightly layered outfit that still has elements of a Summer look in case the weather is still warm and sunny during the day yet still quite prepared in case it becomes a bit windy and chilly in the afternoon.

I wore a nice unbuttoned denim shirt (Pull and Bear) with a tank underneath.  For the bottoms, I wanted something to compliment the denim so I wore a nice Chinos (Topman), a pair of Hitsu Socks and a new pair of New Balance Shoes. And finally, I brought in of course my Ogön Designed wallet to secure all my IDs, money and cards. :D

If you want to buy these items featured on my blog, click on the images below to direct you straight to their sites!:

Again thank you Hitsu Socks and Ogön Designs for sending me your products! More these items soon on my blog!

Don't forget to tune in on my Lo's Closet and my other Social Media Channels for the official launch of my Youtube Channel!

Always have fun!

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