Saturday, 24 November 2012

All set and comfy for winter!

Sweatshirt: H&M
Jacket and Shoes: Bershka
Chinos: Pull and Bear

Its getting chilly now! I seriously need to put in hot coco on my grocery list!

Okay, so finally we see more new brands here (I promise not to put too much Splash and H&M on my future posts). If you really like nice and comfortable shirts especially during the summer season Bershka is really a nice brand for that IMO! Normally I would go to the mall wearing jeans and shirt so its more comfortable for me to try on clothes and whenever you see me in a shirt, I'd probably wearing Bershka! LOL!

I've just also recently been aware that they sell really nice shoes too! This pair is really comfortable and I super love the color!

Oh and when I saw that jacket, I totally knew that would be a perfect jacket for winter. I'm actually more casual than stylish when I do normal walks so I guess this jacket makes sense. 

Crossing stuff on The List:

7 Slacks/ Chino
= 6 Slacks/ Chinos
8 Overcoats/ Casual Jackets = 7 Overcoats/ Casual Jackets
4 Pairs of Shoes = 3 Pairs of Shoes
6 Sweaters = 5 Sweaters

Have a fun week!!!! :)

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Quick peek on the next look!

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