Saturday, 28 January 2017

Jalboot Style Journal

Its fascinating to know that there are so much more things to see and do here in Abu Dhabi. My drive to #RediscoverAbuDhabi has gone bigger because of this!

Last week my cousin and I had a pleasure to be able to try the Jalboot.

Jalboot is sort of like Big Bus Tour but even better... You sail across Abu Dhabi waters!

I have never seen so many familiar places in a much more beautiful view:

Abu Dhabi Port

Abu Dhabi Marina

Fairmont Building

Emirates Palace

Etihad Towers

The trip starts at 12PM at the Abu Dhabi Mall station. Look for the Jalboot kiosk at the Abu Dhabi Mall main entrance and wait for the buggy car to take you to the dock. Make sure you bring your Passport or valid Emirates ID.

Once you arrive the boat, get comfortable and find the best place to sit in. I suggest you sit by the windows on the middle row. :)

The boat is so clean and modern! The chairs are super comfortable and the views are stunning. I like that the windows let a lot of light in and that you get a full view of the city as you tour around. 

I joined the day trip but think the evening trip would be more interesting as you'll get a full view of Abu Dhabi from day to night. The crew will even let you come out on the deck to take photos. Overall, it was definitely a must do not only for tourist but also for people living here in Abu Dhabi and UAE.

If you want to see more of my Jalboot experience, head to my Facebook Instastory here OR go to my joint Instagram account with my cousin here now!:

Speaking of our joint Instagram, my cousin (@imkrismacapagal) and I have recently launched our joint instagram account containing our travel #Instastories around UAE.  Please follow us on Instagram @our_instastory and get to see our fun UAE adventures.

Now I know I just recently did a nautical look and I'm doing one again now, but I seriously can't help it! I really seems like the is calling out to me! (In direct reference to Moana 😄)

I have a strong feeling that this year you'll see my style head more to Nautical and more casual city looks.

I'm wearing a nice summer blazer with a cute nautical lapel pin and a striped shirt underneath. For the bottoms I wore a dark blue chinos to make the look more blended an completed with a pair of comfortable walking shoes.

Wondering where I'll go next? Don't forget to follow us then for more fun Instastories on Instagram @our_instastory and my instagram @locloset

Thank you Jalboot for having us on board!

For Jalboot tickets and information, head to their website here:

See you on the next blogpost! 😊

Always have fun!

Saturday, 14 January 2017

A Little Piece of Italia

Shirt: H&M

This has been a long overdue post. lol! I did a lot of things this month that this look had to wait.

This look really nothing special. It's just a quick shirt and shorts look. I did wanted it to look like I'm going to a boat ride since we are going to the harbour so I threw in a stray hat, boat shoes and a cute scarf.

The real hero here is the location. We went to The Souq at Fishing Harbour, Umm Sugeim just beside the public beach (I think... :D) during one of our Dubai Instameets. 

When we arrived there, I totally fell in love with the place! One of my favorite places to go in any city would be the harbour. I really love the views, the ambiance, the boats... anything nautical I will surely love! 

Its also a nice hangout to invite your friends to have lunch or drink coffee with especially now that the weather is always nice. Do bring in a jacket though, it doesn't look like I'm cold but I was extremely freezing all throughout the day while we were there! But I really enjoyed a lot so it doesn't matter. :)

There are a lot of small shops, restaurants and and cafes around the area so you'll never get bored. There's even a nice view of the Burj Al Arab in the background. Quick tip, make sure you stay a little bit more and sit in afternoon cause if the skies are clear with a couple group of clouds the sunset would be breathtaking!

Make sure you include this place on your list when you plan your to visit Dubai, its truly a must see!

I have another exciting adventure next week so make sure you stop by my Instagram or Facebook page so you wont miss it. Plus I have a big announcement in the middle of the week!

Always have fun!

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Back to Basics with GUESS

I did a quick collaboration with GUESS Middle East this week featuring the latest of their collection.

It was a bit challenging to be honest but I think I pulled it off. As you know, I'm not really the type of person who will usually show off his guns, hahaha! But since I have been seriously working out for the past 6 months, I think I deserve to post something out of the ordinary time to time.

And what better way to kinda show off my progress than to wear the classic white shirt and jeans look? There's still a long way to go but I'm really pushing myself to work out more especially this year. :)

There are also a few more things that really caught my attention, first one was this Stretch Technology and Eco-Leather Jacket by GUESS.

Its SUPER light and flexible! This is perfect for people who travels a lot and wants to bring a functional jacket without sacrificing style and space in your luggage.

Now let's talk about these shoes! I soooo love them! Its very comfortable and you can wear them with basically any day look.

One more thing that made me very and happy this week is being a part of the Illustrado Magazine most influential Filipinos in the Gulf!

Read it here!

I am so honoured and quite frankly very humbled to be a part of these amazing and very influential Filipinos. I once again congratulate everyone who are part of this list and thank Illustrado Magazine for this recognition. 

Gracing the page together with Joy Caasi! Follow her on Instargam @joycaasi
After a few months of being in a creative hiatus, I did not see this coming and its such an amazing feeling and I wouldn't be able to do this without you! I of course would like to thank all my followers from those who have been with me since the start of my blogging journey to the new followers who just recently discovered me. 

What a great start for 2017, I cant wait to see more! I wish you all a memorable new year full of adventure and laughter!

Always have fun!

Friday, 30 December 2016

DXB Day Trip Style Journal

L O O K  #1:

Shirt: H&M
Jacket: Pull & Bear
Jeans: Bershka

If you followed me last week on my DXB Day Trip Instastory, you might had a glimpse of what I wore during that day. And as promised I'm going to tell you more about what are the clothes I wore and the fun things we did here in this blogpost.

Click here to see the full DXB Day Trip Instastory.
Before I begin, I'd like to thank everyone who went over Instagram and viewed the whole Instastory @locloset. It was actually a small project where I wanted to test it if I'll get more engagement with my Instagram followers and I've receive a lot of good views and feedback so I decided to make more creative Instastories soon! 

Missed the DXB Day Trip Instastory? Head over to my Facebook page and see all the photos there. If you want to know when my next Instastory will be, follow my Facebook page and I'll announce it there, I have one exciting Collaboration - Instastory coming up featuring Abu Dhabi next time. :)

We started the day and went to the recently opened Dubai Water Canal. Most people would go there during the night because of the amazing water and lights show but we decided to go in daylight because of three things: Three Amazing foot bridges!

Each bridge has a different design and I particularly like the 3rd footbride. It was a long walk to get there, but soooooo worthed! We were able to take amazing photos there like this one:

Now since we are going to do a long walk, I decided to wear something comfortable and easy to move with. And now that the weather is a bit cooler I of course wore this very cool jacket (Pull & Bear) that went so well with my plain grey shirt (H&M).

I knew we were going to take architectural shots so I wanted to wear a look that has industrial and constructional elements in it while still keeping my boyish charm. haha!

For the bottoms, I wore nice pair of black jeans (Bershka) which I think complimented the entire look's tone. Just to make it a little bit fun I wore a pair of white sneaks and I'm actually surprised that my bag also looked cool with the jacket so I added it in there.

After lunch we moved on to a new location. We went to Souk al Bahar and Downtown Dubai in the middle of Dubai Townsquare.

We initially wanted to go to another place but since time is running out, we had to skip it and went straight to Souk Al Bahar.

Click here to see the full DXB Day Trip Instastory.
This place is massive and so beautiful! It's one of my favorite places to go to in Dubai. Its located just at back of Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa. I went here a couple of times before but sadly I didn't had time do OOTDs and I'm so glad that finally I was able to just before the year ends. lol!

L O O K  #2:

Reshuffled look - clothes worn from previous blogposts.

This blogpost btw, is a first time for me to post not just one but TWO looks! I figured that I have A LOT of clothes now in my closet and doing Instastories is a great way to not only do a new OOTD but also to reshuffle my clothes. 

Now since we are going to a more upscale place, I wanted to wear something dapper that is perfect for daylight. I tend to think that If you're going dapper or dandy during daytime make sure you wear something light and go a little bolder with color combinations. 

Another reason why I love Downtown Dubai so much is because of the Dubai Trolley!
It's free of charge and you'd be able to have a fantastic view of the streets while moving. I suggest you ride top and try to seat on either the front or back.

Oh btw! I hope you guys had a fantastic Christmas Celebration! I believe its not too late for me to greet you all! I did post this picture on Christmas Eve though on my IG page, but still Merry Christmas! :D

I wish you guys enjoyed today's style journal! I had a fantastic time touring Dubai and I hope you guys will continue to follow me as I promise to do more adventures this 2017 as part of my New Year's resolution. 

See you guys on the next Instastory and Blogpost! :D

Always have fun!


Shoutout to my very talented cousin and photographer Kris! Please follow her on Instagram @imkrismacapagal

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Weekend Explorer

The past two weeks have been extremely busy, not just with work but with also a lot of activities during the weekend.

Remember that I said that I'll try to go out a bit more and meet new people? Well I found an easier and more fun way through @igersdubai! Igersdubai organizes "instameets" which is open to anyone.

My first Instameet was in Bay Square in the Dubai Business Bay area.
If you like photography and meeting new people, I highly suggest you follow @igersdubai on Instagram. All you have to do is wait for their next instameet posts and sign up on the links that they will provide. You have to be very fast though cause there are limited slots available.

Aside from meeting new people, they give you fun photography challenges which is basically the theme of the instameet and prices to will given away on the end of the day. So go and follow @igersdubai and who knows, you might even meet your favorite UAE bloggers. :)

Button-down: Iconic
Jeans: Bershka
Cap: H&M
Glasses: Tom Ford

Since the Instameet is held in the city and we'll surely have to walk a lot, I decided to wear something comfortable and have this sort of city-boy-meets-industrial type of look.

BTW the glasses I'm wearing are officially prescription glasses (Tom Ford). I have been experiencing weird migraines and eye sores recently since I've been around computers and my phone most of the time so no more wearing "aesthetic" glasses lol.

Now to achieve this city-boy-meets-industrial look, I wore a plain grey shirt which matches my cap (H&M) and layered this look with a green button-down (Iconic). For the bottoms, I wore this a plain black pair of jeans (Bershka). I really wanted to try ripped jeans but I don't know how will that work for me so I decided to pass plus the ripped jeans trend usually come and go so I decided to stick with something that will last more, style-wise and finally ended with a trusted pair of sneakers.

We also went to Last Exit since I read a lot of good things about it.

Trust me when I say that this place is INSANE! I absolutely loved it! There's a lot of food trucks to choose from and the food are really good.

As you can see, I tried my best to try everything lol. A second visit will definitely be in order.

Aside from the food, the place is also well designed! It looks like a Gasoline station and a rest stop which is probably why its called Last Exit.

There are a lot of outdoor seating and indoor seating is available as well, but since not that the weather has turned more delightful and cooler, I suggest you just stay outdoors and enjoy the awesome view of the place. The indoor area obviously has limited seating available but the design of the place is really cool. It has this warehouse/hardware shop look that looks great in photos.

Hope I see you on the next instameet and I wish you guys enjoyed today's blog! See you on the next one! :D

Always have fun!

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