Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy Happy Happy New Year!!!! :D

Shirt and Blazer: Iconic
Badge: Splash

Happy New year to all!!!!!!!!!!!!

2012 was a challenging year for me... Had to take a lot of hard decisions but it was also exciting and was a big learning experience.

Last new year I said to myself that 2012 was going to be a "Me" year, and it was. I flew out of my comfort zone. I learned a lot about myself and learned how to make myself happy and do some activities that I never knew I could do! I still miss my friends though... I wish they're having more fun than me... :D

This year I have a good feeling that it would be my Career year! :)

Hoping good things will come to me in whatever venture I may take this year!

Heard that green and black would be the lucky color this New Year, and what a coincidence! I have planned this look a couple of weeks ago like I usually do and it was really fascinating to find that out! Not to mention I was born under the year of the Snake which would be the Chinese Zodiac year for this year! 2013 might be a good year for me, I really have a good feeling!

Hope you all here in Blogger and have a wonderful New Year!!!!!!!

Crossing stuff on The List:

7 Overcoats/ Casual Jacket = 7 Overcoats/ Casual Jacket
7 Long Sleeves Polo = 7 Long Sleeves Polo

Always have fun!

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Quick peek on the next look!

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  1. awesome look :)

    happy new year*


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