Friday, 14 December 2012

Once a Kid... Always a Kid! :D

Shirt and Cardigan: Iconic

I may have grown up but I never stopped being a kid!

Here's a list of the things I still like since I was a kid til now:

Ice Cream
Gummy Bears
Teddy Bears
Nerds Candy
RPG Games
Power Rangers
Jigsaw Puzzles

I would write some more but the list could cover my entire blog! lol

Anyway, I just really love that cardigan!!!!!!!!! I always wanted a yellow cardigan! When I took this baby home, I just cant stop wearing it! It makes me smile whenever I see it. If I could sleep while wearing it I would! :))

I got really carried away on buying stuff last time I went shopping and I'm really happy my closet is getting less space than it did before. So since I'm in a happy mood today (which I always am! hahaha). Will be sharing more of what stuff I bought for this Christmas:

Crossing some more stuff on The List:

3 Cardigans = 2 Cardigan
10 T-Shirts =  9 T-Shirts

What stuff did you guys enjoy when you were still a kid that you still like until now? (I need to know I'm not alone in here! lol)

Always have fun!

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Quick peek on the next look!


  1. GO POWER RANGERS! Yellow girl, favorite! I saw her at Disney world and let out a little scream.
    also, If you don't like ice cream- you can't live:)
    That t-shirt made me smile this morning, love it!

  2. I still love jigsaw puzzles, cheetos and ice cream. Nice cardigan. Love the color!



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