Saturday, 10 August 2013

Secret Garden

Blazer and Chinos: Zara
Shirt and Loafers: Iconic

I know! I know! Where's that usual charming smile? Well fine... here it is... :)

But I can be serious sometimes you know!

Anyway, about the look, I've been doing my own shoots lately around my neighborhood and I found this wonderful location out of nowhere and I was like "I have got to do a look there!" What's even funny is that its just a few houses away form ours and I've never noticed it until now. Maybe I should do some more walking around sometimes, who knows what might surprise me.

No particular inspiration on this look, so this is something I just picked out on my own. I'm starting to train myself to like the color red, I'm not really a fan of that striking color but I think I would have to be open to new things since I'm trying to establish myself as a fashion blogger. I'm happy it turned out nice though.
This month I'll be coming back home in the Philippines!!!! I'll be in Manila for a month so if you want to see me in action during my vacation, you can follow me on my instagram and facebook like page and I will try to blog every week as usual.

Always have fun!

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1 comment:

  1. Hey Lo!
    I'm following you on here now too! (we follow each other on lookbook) Really great blog!! Keep it up :)
    I love your chibi Lo's! They are very adorable :) And red looks great on you!



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