Saturday, 7 September 2013

Manila Boy

Jacket: Zara
Bag: Wade
Shirt: Shirt 
Shoes: New Balance

My vacation in Manila just ended yesterday... :(

But! I'm happy to say that I'm back in Abu Dhabi and this month will probably the most busy month for me! Because, in just a few more days... It's Lo's Closet's anniversary! YEY!

Anyway I did a couple of outfit shoots as well during my vacation in Manila and this would be one of them. I really love the feel of this outfit as I look like a someone who's ready to travel the streets and discover new things in the city. I also like how the colors turned out well and the print of the shirt made this look fun! :D

Oh and here's a closer look of that bag:

Its a medium sized bag perfect enough to fit all you necessities during the day! :)

Aside form my anniversary there's one more special thing I'd like to announce this month! The XING Street Fashion Project will feature me on their site this month! Here's a video titled: Closet Full of Love that showcased all the looks that will be released on their site same date as my anniversary plus a one on one interview about me and Lo's Closet, so if you want to get to know me more be sure to check their site this coming September 17, 2013! :D

Photos and Video credits to Jaro Necesito and please visit his site and XING Street on the links below! :D

My bucket list is not so busy for the past few weeks but I'm glad I'm able to complete on more item on The List:

1 Bag = Bag COMPLETE!

Oh! I kept my promise and tried to update you guys on my adventurers during my vacation through my Facebook Likepage and Instagram and I'm planning to still keep it up since I kinda got into it a bit! lol! So please do follow me through the links below! :D

Always have fun!

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  1. Lo! Manilla's quite a good place to shop (: and individual boutique are awesome there as well! Are you Filipino? I'm originally half Filipino :p that's why I ask haha. Curious question

    Anyways, keep posting, I really enjoy reading xx


  2. Amazing ensemble as always
    love the little cartoon thingie
    love Vikee


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