Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Today I'm Just a Kid

Jeans: Bershka

Today, I channeling my inner child again! :D

What I like about this look is that it looks so laid back and felt easy to pull off. The overalls I found is something you wont easily see in the market which is really cool because I always try to find clothes that you wont see and wear everyday. :D

I had to rush to Bershka in Glorietta during my vacation in Manila last September when I found out about this item. When I went there it was sold out! So the only solution was to ask the store clerks if they have more stocks. Good thing there were new stocks of this item which will be delivered the next day so, yeah you guessed it, I was the first person in their store when they opened! lol!

Bershka used to be my T-Shirt store as they sell really comfy shirts which was great during the summer season. But now think I should try to look around more and see at what other things they sell. Who knows, I might find an item as fun as this one!

Oh, and this is like an updated look of what I did earlier this year:

Trivia: I did say my new look was easy to pull off while this look in the other hand is one of the hardest looks I did during the first year of Lo's Closet. :/

A lot of good things are happening this November! I've been doing my best lately and this month you may see me in a different style quite far from my preppy looks! So excited!

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5 Jeans = 3 Jeans

Always have fun!

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