Sunday, 1 June 2014

1970's Incandescence

Shirt: Iconic

I am starting to get used on taking before sunset photographs. What I like about these photographs is that you can see how the sunlight is reflecting on my camera's lens. You might be a bit skeptic, but I assure you these photos are almost raw, I only did a couple of touches to make the photos a bit softer but other than that everything is pure and untouched.

I'm no photography expert but based on recent experience, this is how I took these pictures:
  • The key to this type of photograph is timing. Make sure you do your shoot at least around 20 mins before sunset so you have time to adjust yourself and the camera (if you're photographing a person or yourself using a tripod.).
  • Position yourself or the person you will photograph against the sunlight while camera should be facing the subject in a slightly acute angle.
  • Take a few test shots until subject's face and body are clear (I don't suggest using flash as it might affect the photo effect you are trying to target) and adjust camera/subjet's angle if neccessary.
  • The entire photo should be a bit saturated and the sunlight should be hitting the back of the subject.
  • If you want the light to reflect on the camera's lens, wait for the sun to dim.

In terms of my camera settings, I use a 35mm prime lens to blur the background (prime lenses are the best style blogger choice of lens IMHO). Put your camera on aperture mode, and make sure the aperture is at its lowest (around f/1.8).

I'm wearing a dark tropical print polo shirt (Iconic). I wanted to make this look a bit like the 70's to compliment the effect of the photograph so I wore a black suspenders, jeans and loafers topped with a newspaper boy cap.

What do guys think of this photo? :D

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Always have fun!

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