Sunday, 18 October 2015

Welcome to Lo's UAE Travel Vlog!

If you are planning a trip or moving to UAE, you came to the right place! LosUAETraVlog features great places and activities around the country!

My videos will contain 3 segments:

PAUSE: This is the Vlog section where I talk about random things, give information and answer your questions

PLAY: This is the TRAVEL section  where I feature different places, restaurants and activities around the country.

RECORD: This is the LookBook section where I feature 2 to 3 Outfit Posts I featured on my Blog

If you want to know more about my Channel and a peek on what to see on my future videos, I invite you to watch my first YouTube video! (Note that the RECORD section a collection of all the looks I have featured the entire year) and please don't forget to my first video!

If you are interested on knowing more about UAE or Men's Style please subscribe to LosUAETraVlog and follow my weekly adventures! :D

Check out the items featured on this Vlog!:

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