Monday, 8 April 2013

Iconic: Dare to be Different

Over the course of my blogging life, Abu Dhabi has proved to me that its fashion can compete with any city in the around the world! With its growing fashion choices in terms of brands it might even go against other major fashion cities such as Milan, Paris, New York, etc. and it had become a beacon of my growing style.

Although some may think that I am crazy to be a street stylist in this amazing city, never did I think that I should just give up because I believe that this city has great fashion potential!

One of the brands that's really starting to stand out for me is Iconic! It had helped me develop my goal to build up my closet!

The clothes from Iconic helped me receive huge amounts of hypes at! It had even help me become a contributing writer at OnStreet Abu Dhabi!

With its unique style and various fashion choices, it had now became one of my favorite fashion brands! 

Edgy, Rock, Nautical, Preppy or whatever trends you may think of they have everything! You can even make your own trend and stand out!

Iconic has really lived its name! It is truly ICONIC!

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Always have fun!

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  1. nice outfits !

  2. great post dear
    beautiful look amazing in every single one of them
    love Vikee


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