Saturday, 6 April 2013

Fun Under The Sun

Shirt and Shorts: Iconic

Summer is the time to be more comfortable! But that doesn't give us any excuse to become less stylish! With less clothes there's will always be a way to look fresh and fun no matter how simple or basic a look is.

Color is definitely one of you most powerful style weapon against the scorching heat! Choosing light colors will not only make you stand out it can also affect your mood against the sun such as wearing cool colors like white and blue.

Also, give your body enough room to breathe, do not wear clothes that's too tight fitting!

Chinos shorts has officially became my favorite piece of clothing this season! They're very comfortable, very versatile, fits really well and you can get them now in any colors that you could think of!

I'm not really a summer person, but with my developing style I'm starting to like this season! Must remember to put sunscreen though! -_-

Crossing stuff on The List:
5 Shorts = 4 Shorts
4 Short Sleeves Shirt/Polo Shirt = 3 Short Sleeves Shirt/Polo Shirt
Always have fun!
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  1. Love your outfit, and definitely agree with the colours! xx


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