Monday, 14 October 2013

Lo P. Gets Fit episode 1

Alright! As promised I'm adding one more life goal this year and that's to improve my body and Get Fit!

Why am I doing this?

I'm not really the guy who's out of shape or overweight, I've been working out and started hitting the gym since I was 17. But since then my body kinda just got stuck at this form (see picture above, and sorry, no topless pictures I'm keeping this as wholesome as possible... ^_^), and I'm starting to think I'm not progressing anymore, so that's why I get lazy sometimes and not work out for about two weeks and sometimes even a month!

This year I want to see change and the best way to keep me motivated is by sharing this journey with you here in my blog. (It worked for me during year 1 right? :D)

So every end of the month, I will update you guys on what's happening on my fitness journey, what things I do and eat to keep me fit, and new things I just learned while I try to reach my goal.

By the end of the year, who knows, I might end up taking a picture like this guy down here...

Yup! Zac Efron's body is my dream body!

Let do this!

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